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"My Wedding Party Wants to Pay the Day of".......Um....No.

Couples get frustrated with all the contracts, payment methods and retainers that surround a wedding, but I don't blame them. Having been a bride myself, it's a lot to book someone for your wedding sometimes by giving a retainer or deposit and signing a contract and sticking to it.

As a vendor though, I had a better understanding and was confident in booking my vendors and understanding of their rules.

Here's the a professional makeup artist, I have a service minimum, a contract and a 50% non-refundable, non-transferable retainer that needs to be met in order to book me. Why? Well as explained in a previous post, "Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist", it's all about accountability. You are agreeing to my terms and in return, I agree to my own terms that I will show up and make you feel beautiful.

One problem that comes up quite a bit is when a client tells me that their wedding party members are paying for their own services and that they'll pay the day of. While it's a great idea, it's not good for us as vendors. The wedding party isn't under contract to remain accountable, you are, so for us it's really uneasy to have someone's word on it. This is our full time job and we book these days months and sometimes a year in advance. If we are planning on doing a wedding party of 6 and the day of, 3 of them decide they don't want to pay for services or maybe we do the service and then they forget to give us payment, it's our loss.

It's hard to track someone down for payment afterwards without any info for them and if a contract wasn't in place, who's to say we have any legal authority to make sure we're paid.

For that reason, I have my clients name everyone on their contract who's getting a service, give a final count on how many services will be done and sign off and pay the retainer. My brides are under contract that if anyone pulls out, they are still financially responsible for all payment. While that's a lot of pressure on them, think of it this way: Your employer guarantees you 40hrs/week at $20/hr but when that week comes, they call you off two days and now you only work 24 hours that week. Instead of $800, you're getting $480 and you could be late on rent, bills or groceries. It could mean that you can't afford childcare or tuition, etc. So, keep in mind that this is still a business and how we make income and we do take it very seriously.

Now, since I have my clients responsible for everyone, I usually tell them that if they're paying for their services that's fine, but if not, they should try and get their payment upfront so they're not putting down all their own money and also, it's easier to not have to worry about who paid back they money or not.

Here's a fun story for you: a few years ago, I had a bride who was booking for a party of 8. Two weeks before her wedding at her due date for remaining balance, she informs me that it will just be 5 now. According to her contract, she is liable for everyone listed since that was what was agreed upon. So, she still had to pay the full amount. It's super frustrating for clients when their friends and family don't pull through, so please talk to anyone interested and have them commit. Let them know that they have until whatever date to let you know so you can book and that you need their portion ahead of time or if you are more trusting, give them a due date for payment. I've seen friendships go through stuff throughout a wedding and this minimizes frustrations on both ends.

So, in conclusion, I don't let wedding party members pay the day of. I want to focus on making everyone look and feel beautiful and not processing payments between each person. I want my client to feel comfortable, happy and focused on their day.

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