• Andrea Yasmeen

Pandemic and theFuture of Weddings

It's been a while since I've posted any blog entries, but it seemed fitting to do one while I'm locked up in the house. How is this COVID-19 pandemic affecting your life?

I've had to shut down my studio since March 16th and I've been trying to remain calm, work on schoolwork with my child, find other avenues for income and cook all day. It's been quite the adjustment, but we are making it happen here. Luckily my husband is still able to bring in a paycheck, so we at least have that to work with. Funnily enough, I'm an introvert. I do not like being around a ton of people socially. I'm bad at networking and I'm bad at sometimes holding a conversation if I don't know you. I'm a makeup artist though, so I do have to interact with people and talk to them during services, but it's funny how I miss people right now despite my social anxiety.

Right now, couples are having to postpone their weddings and for some couples who are engaged, they are going to have a longer engagement and don't know how to plan for theirs, because we don't know when this will be over or at least safe enough to resume somewhat normal lives. Obviously, as a vendor, I'm seeing these messages on Facebook groups and posts where people are devastated and losing money or having to pay more to reschedule and the frustration is there. Trust me, I'm with you, it's extremely frustrating on all sides. As a vendor, I'm without income during this time and I'm not charging my couples extra to reschedule this year, but for rescheduling to next year I will have to. Coming from being vendor, I can tell you that we don't just pocket the money we receive for our services. While venues and catering and photographers are big vendors with high cost, think about what goes into their businesses. Venues have to upkeep a whole property, pay taxes on it, hire people to greet or coordinate or work the parking lot, etc. Caterers have staff to pay hourly, hours of prep for your wedding, cost of ingredients, transportation, etc. Photographers have extremely expensive equipment, hours in post production work, travel costs, software programs to keep up with, etc. These vendors are not just working on your wedding day for you, there is a lot of prep, equipment expense, travel costs, communication for months to years, etc.

In my own business, makeup is not cheap, especially good quality makeup. I take classes when I can, I have to purchase new makeup sometimes every few months to every year, I have equipment to purchase, travel costs, etc. I promise you, vendors are not out to just take all your money. There are plenty of costs that go into it and when someone reschedules from one year to another, that means you are losing out for that next year as a vendor and that can be a large dip in profits. Couples, I know that rescheduling is scary and I can't even imagine what you are going through, but we vendors are there for you and we are doing our best to try and find solutions.

What will this pandemic mean for weddings in the future? I can only expect that we will have a shift in contracts, possible limits to the amount of people in attendance and probably less weddings. That may not be true, but these are thoughts.

Personally, I won't be booking weddings until I know it is safe to do so and who knows when that will be. It's been 2 months already, but it's likely going to be a while. I don't know how other vendors will change their policies and if they'll be booking weddings as normal, but as someone who works in direct contact with people and we are face to face, it's a precaution and decision I've had to make. What decisions are you making for your wedding? Will you postpone? Will you end up eloping?


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