• Andrea Yasmeen

To Touch Up or Not to Touch Up?

Your wedding day is on it's way and you're thinking about how your makeup is going to stay.

Think about it, I mean you typically get ready in the morning and you're not done until the evening.

As a makeup artist, I do my best to make sure your makeup will last throughout the entire day, but there will be some movement in your makeup. Our facial expressions can cause some creasing, lip color may come off after eating or smooching, or you may get a little oily or sweaty.

Touch ups are an option, but it is an added cost. Touch ups would require hourly payment with a minimum for your artist to stay at the venue and touch up your makeup. Yes, even if you were going to finish getting ready at 1pm and then want your artist to touch up your lip color at 1:30pm. Your artist does need to get paid for taking time to stay there for you. It's a personal service and one that requires extra time and attention.

Do you need a touch up?

Most brides don't need them. If you're changing into another dress and wanting to change up your look or lip color, then I would say yea, go for it, but if not, you can touch it up a bit yourself.

Many artists, myself included, give a touch up kit to their clients which usually has some of their lip color to reapply throughout the night, some tissues, oil blotting sheets or maybe makeup sponges or powders. These can help a lot to touch up common things that may need touching up. Oil blotting sheets help absorb excess oil, a makeup sponge can help buff out any creases under the eye or smile lines if you don't want to use your finger and some lipstick to keep your kissable lips looking perfect all night.

How will you touch up throughout the night?


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