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Travel Costs to Consider with Wedding Vendors

Travel fee?! Overnight Accommodations?! An often overlooked factor when booking wedding vendors in general are travel costs. Many couples think that vendors are out there trying to rob you with travel fees, overnight accommodations, parking fees, etc and just get more money.

The reality is that travel costs are important for vendors providing on-site service,. As a makeup artist, these are costs added to my quotes, so I'm going to explain what it's all about and what to expect.

What is a travel fee? This is probably the most common you'll hear about and basically, this is the cost of us traveling from our home or business to your location to provide services. Some vendors charge by the hour, like myself and some charge by mile. Some vendors also do a flat rate if they stay pretty local or a flat rate for a certain range. Remember, most vendors are self employed, which means they only get paid when they are working on clients, whereas a typical job, you are paid a set rate or hourly wage, so even if you are not actively working, you're getting paid for your time there.

Why do you charge for it? Well, for one, you are paying for the luxury of someone coming to you to provide you with a service. We are taking time away from family as well. As a mom, I've had to miss out on special moments with my child, because most weddings are weekends. I've worked on Mother's Day, I've worked on my birthday, I've worked holidays, etc. Also, I work out of my studio and take clients for lash extensions, facials, brows, etc and when I have to travel for work, that means I'm having to miss a full day's work there. Time on the road is time that could be me taking clients, so it's necessary to charge for it. When you book someone for a wedding you aren't just booking them for say 4 hours of applying makeup, but sometimes we are driving an hour in traffic to get to you and another hour or so back. There are also costs involved in maintaining our vehicles, gas, etc. What are overnight accommodations and why is it required sometimes? In addition to traveling, if a location is over an hour or two away, on an island within the state or there's a very early start time, an overnight accommodation is typically added to the cost. Why? It's unreliable to plan for traffic, late ferries, accidents, etc. If a location is far out, it's best to stay the night the day before, so there's no issue starting in the morning.

Additional travel costs:

Now sometimes there are destination weddings that require either an extremely long drive, a flight, train, etc. The cost of that flight, ferry, train, etc is added. Sometimes a venue is in a downtown area where paid parking is required. That's added as well. These are all costs of us coming to give you a service, which is why they're added.

Food for Thought....:

If you were asked by your employer to travel 2 hours away to do a job, with your own vehicle, would you expect to be paid for that travel time and gas? My husband has had to go work at other stores far from his and is always paid for his time and travel in addition to his regular wage. Sometimes you have to go for a conference and work pays for your travel, hotel and food to take time away to do that. So, this isn't any different, it's just a part of the process.

Hope you found that helpful! Happy Planning!