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Trials.....are they necessary?

This is a great question! Honestly, I do think it's strange that people don't want a trial before the wedding day.

I think it's wonderful that you might have complete trust in the person you are booking, however you do tastings of your food, cake, drinks, etc to make sure you pinpoint what you want and don't want, so why wouldn't you want to make sure that what you want is exactly what you get for your wedding?

During a trial, I start off by feeling your skin. This is important and as a licensed esthetician, it's something that I HAVE to do. Many brides neglect their skin unfortunately. Many don't have a skincare routine, many have never exfoliated, used a moisturizer, etc. Why is that an issue?

I CAN'T......I repeat, I CAN'T fix texture on your skin.

Pimples, acne scarring, bumps, brought texture, etc. I can't fix it.

Makeup is applied on top of your skin, much like if you frosted a cake and there were crumbs all over, you would still have a bumpy cake, even if the frosting looked good, it wouldn't be smooth.

After feeling your skin, I will prep your skin as best as I can. I'll then work on your eye makeup, then your foundation, cheeks, brows, lips etc.

Once I'm done, I will let you take a peek. I don't give you a handheld mirror, because makeup can look cakey sometimes, especially for those who don't wear it on a regular basis. Sometimes you noticed things in the mirror that you would never see in photos or that people seeing you on your wedding wouldn't notice but when you're an inch in front of a mirror, you will fixate on.

You'll take a look, maybe take a photo and then I'll ask if it looks good or you want to alter anything. A trial is meant to do ONE look, so you should already have emailed me your inspiration photos, ideas, etc and have examples when you're in, but we can definitely tweak little things. Usually this is maybe adding more color or darken the eye, maybe add or remove eyeliner, maybe change the lip color, add gloss, make it matte, etc.

After that, you are ready to go & wear it throughout the day. At the end of the day, do you still enjoy how it looks or would you have done something differently? For some brides, they will ask for something to change that can be accommodated the day of, but for some they may want a new trial to try something else. Either way, it's fine.

The reason I do the trials 1-2 months before the wedding is that sometimes brides have an idea of what they want, but it might be flattering for the retouched model in the photo, but on their face, it may not look ideal. Sometimes they don't have the jewelry, dress or accessories for the wedding yet and schedule too early and then don't think those colors will match (think gold vs silver jewelry or cool vs warm tones). If you book your trial too early, you risk not being sure and having too man ideas floating around and then needing to book and pay for more trials and that can be super frustrating for you and sometimes brides end up too indecisive and forego it or are unhappy with the final result.

So, is a trial necessary? Absolutely. You want to make sure that you are happy with not only the makeup you will have on your wedding day but the artist as well. There are a lot of amateur or unlicensed artists who will tell you they can do any look, but sometimes fail to deliver the day of and you're stuck and it's awkward. Get your trial, have a mimosa & get married knowing that you look incredible!

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