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Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist?

It's an age old question, is it not?

At least, it's one of the most common questions that we ask ourselves when considering

Alex Kruse Photography

one for events and especially, for our weddings.

My question to you is, "Why would you hire a professional photographer, caterer, videographer, planner, etc, but NOT a professional makeup artist?". When most couples are wedding planning, they start off with a budget (which we all sway from haha) and then we decide where we want to put our money and where to invest. For my own wedding, photography was the most important vendor to book, because I just really wanted nice photos. I also wanted a pretty cake, because I am obsessed with Pinterest and I enjoy seeing beautiful cakes and.....eating them too. As a professional makeup artist, I didn't think about hair or makeup until the last minute. Even I, a vendor myself who is constantly getting last minute requests knowing that we book up to a year in advance did not plan it out. What happened? I ended up regretting my hair on my wedding day. I didn't do a trial, I just had my maid of honor, who was a hairstylist, do my hair and she did it as a favor and I just told her I just wanted half up, half down with some braiding. While, she did do what I asked in general, she didn't see what I was seeing and she didn't know the insecurities that I have of myself. I would have preferred more volume, not as tight around my temples as I have a rounder face being a bigger girl and more flowing hair. I got what I got though and I can't sit here and complain because I chose to do this to myself!

Another thing I regretted about my lack of planning is no booking someone do makeup for my bridesmaids. I did my own makeup and my mom's makeup and as a bride, doing services on others, it's too much stress when you're trying to think about yourself and get your mind right for such an important event. My bridesmaids, who didn't normally wear makeup, did their own and honestly, they don't look great. Mind you, what I mean is that they are BEAUTIFUL women, however their hair and their makeup wasn't done well, so I feel like they looked very blah and I expected us to be walking out of a bridal mag. I say that, because when you don't understand how photos will make you look in natural light and flash photography, you can look tired, shadows can show more, blending is HUGE, etc.

I don't want my clients to ever have that feeling, but makeup is something we don't think about until later on, down the road when we have leftover money in our budget or after we've tried to learn ourselves and fail. Let's change that narrative. Makeup is extremely important! When you're getting married, everyone is looking at YOU and you get your wedding attire, accessories and shoes to complete a look you desire. When you look back on photos are you going to say, "Wow! I'm glowing! I look amazing!", or are you going to have your choice of 2 photos where you look alright? I know...looks aren't everything, but it's a very special day and it's a rare occasion that you are going to spruce it up and look your best.

Let's look at some benefits of having a professional makeup artist on your glam squad.

- We do this for a living! We are constantly working on clients of different shades, sizes and facial structures, so we are tailoring a look to YOU. We are not YouTube influencers who can only do one look on one face, on one shade of skin and call ourselves an artist.

- We know what products works & have an arsenal of products to choose from.

- We have a professional kit that we bring with us which usually consists of a full makeup kit, chair and professional light.

- We come prepared. I have gotten my MacGyver on and added a chain back to a bridesmaid's dress who didn't fit in her dress. I have given a bridesmaid press on nails, because she forgot to do her nails. I have straws for clients who will be drinking after lipstick is applied. I carry feminine hygiene products, ibuprofen, etc. You never know.

- We understand color theory, skin undertones and ethnicities to make the best choice for you.

- Best of all, you are PAYING us. I have found that if someone doesn't have a contract signed, a payment waiting and a reputation to keep, they may leave you hanging. We are accountable. Your sister's friend's cousin might decide she wants to go to a concert instead of doing your makeup and forget to cancel on you the day of your wedding. It's happened.

This is the ONE day you get to be a little selfish, be a little boujee and let someone else pamper you so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your moment.

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